Which Avenger Is Going to Die in Infinity War?

Which Avenger Is Going to Die in Infinity War?

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Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man: 

Doesn’t have to headline his own Iron Man pic anymore, can just show up and shoot a couple of months and appear in as many Marvel movies as he wants. It honestly seems like he’s game for anything as long as he doesn’t have to do too much in it… but maybe Marvel is using him as much as it can now before he decides he’s done? It’s hard to say, but with there being an excellent Iron replacement in Don Cheadle/War Machine, this is a strong possibility.

Chris Evans/Captain America:

If one of the four top-tier Avengers is gonna die, I have to guess Cap. Somehow, it’s Chris Evans’s contract with Marvel that’s always getting brought up in the news, and Evans always saying he loves the character and other nice things, but never quite promising he’s going to continue on. Plus, Marvel has hit the Winter Soldier storyline hard, so thematically and narratively it would make a ton of sense for Sebastian Stan to step into the costume.

Chris Hemsworth/Thor:

Honestly, Thor hasn’t made a single appearance in a Marvel movie beyond his own and the two Avengers films. He’s the most likely actor to have time left on his contract, which correlatively means he’s the least likely to be burned out on the role. Given how much fun he seems to be having in Thor: Ragnorak, it’s harder to see him walking away—and with Natalie Portman/Jane Foster gone, there’s no obvious replacement for him at all.Which Avenger Is Going to Die in Infinity War?

Mark Ruffalo/Hulk: 

What’s true for Thor is true for Hulk, only moreso, since Ruffalo has never needed to headline a film. But the flipside of this is that Hulk is the least prominent of the four main Avengers, and thus the one that’s least necessary. But you can flip it over again and realize this makes Ruffalo possibly the cheapest of the four main Avengers, and the least likely burned-out—and he’s one of the most loved and he’s on a ton of the merchandise. I say he’s safe.

Scarlett Johansson/Black Widow and Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye: 

The two 1.5-tier Avengers—part of the original team, but not leads, despite how bullshit this is in Black Widow’s case—are in trouble. They were both set up in Age of Ultron to have tragic deaths later (“I have a loving family!” “I can’t have a loving family and my life is forever incomplete!”), they’re both pretty much “main” Avengers without being on Avengers-themed birthday decorations, and clearly they’re not getting their own movies anytime soon. If Marvel manages to keep RDJ, Evans, Hemsworth, and Ruffalo, one or both of these two will likely die in their stead.Which Avenger Is Going to Die in Infinity War?

Elizabeth Olsen/Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany/Vision:

Both too new to the series for their deaths to have any real impact. Although there’s a damn good chance Vision is destroyed—probably when Thanos takes the Infinity Stone out of his forehead—but he’ll eventually be rebuilt.

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Anthony Mackie/Falcon and Sebastian Stan/Bucky:

Although both have been Captain America’s supporting characters, I think Mackie has been given too little time as Falcon for his death to have any impact, so why bother, while Stan’s Bucky is too integral to Captain America for him to die. There’s clearly going to be more to the Cap/Winter Soldier story than just leaving him in a Wakandan prison.Which Avenger Is Going to Die in Infinity War?

Don Cheadle/War Machine:

 Since he got fucked up in Civil War, he’s probably safe in Infinity War, assuming he even gets out of bed for it

Chadwick Boseman/Black Panther:

Black Panther hasn’t yet begin his solo movie career. His movie would have to bomb for him to be put on the chopping block in Avengers 4. I think Marvel is worried about this—because of all that darn diversity—but I don’t think it needs to be worried at all. He’ll have more solo movies, so he’s safe

Brie Larsen/Captain Marvel:

Doesn’t even technically exist yet. I’m more worried about her movie actually getting made than her dying.

Tom Holland/Spider-Man:

 HAHAHAHAHA NO. He’s stuck as Spider-Man for many, many years, no matter how badly Sony screws their side of the Marvel universe up. He will regret his decisions.

Which Avenger Is Going to Die in Infinity War?

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