Top 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

Top 5 Best Beaches in Brazil: Hey guys welcome to another interesting article. This article is for people who love partying, enjoying and spending time in the natural beauty rather than in some nightclub or pub. When it comes to partying or spending time then one cannot forget Brazil. Brazil has lovely places but beaches of Brazil stands on number one place. So in the following article I will be writing about Top 5 best Beaches in Brazil.

Top 5 Best Beaches in Brazil

1. Baia do Sancho

Baia do Sancho Brazil

One of the most popular beaches of Brazil. It is voted as best beach in the world and is situated in Fernando de Noronha. This beach is truly beautiful and eye catching. It is pure blue water lined by sand and surrounded by green trees. You can see its beautiful view from top of the hills. Here you can reach the beach by boat or staircase through the cliffs. If you want to dive in the water of this beach then you are welcomed to. You have to pay an entry fees as this beach is in a park otherwise the beach is free to roam around. You can see many fishes also.

Address: – Praia do Sancho state of Pernambuco Brazil.

2. Forno Beach

Forno Beach Brazil

It is another beautiful beach in Brazil. The beautiful transparent water lined by sand and green trees are a perfect gift for your eyes. On the beach you will find tables and chair on which you can relax with a sunglass on and a drink to relax yourself. It is a small beach with around 500 meters yet the beauty does not decrease. You can take a kayak, SUP boards or Snorkels on rent to enjoy your day. It is a beach with low tides and a moderate crowd. The beach is open 24/7 and requires no entry fees.

Address: – Fica a 1,5 km do centro Tiao Arrail do Cabo state of Rio de Janerio , 5741004 Brazil

3. Prainha Beach

Prainha Beach Brazil

Prainha beach is a small beach located just southwest to Rio de Janerio and is little isolated. This beautiful beach is half-moon shaped and surrounded by small rocks and thus prevents the waves to slow and have breaks. If you want to surf the waters of Prainha beach then you should be well experienced as a surfer because there is only one lifeguard available at the beach. At this place there are many small outlets and shops of food and snacks that offer food and drinks. So when you are hungry just visit there and grab your favorite snacks and relax.

Address: – Grumari Rio de Janerio state of Rio de Janerio Brazil

4. Madeiro Beach

Madeiro Beach Brazil

Madeiro beach is another beautiful beach in Brazil. The white water and the sand adds beauty to the beach. Here you can rent a boat and go in water to see the beautiful dolphins. If you want to try surfing then this is the right place for you as there are surfing schools which will train you to surf and provide a lifeguard with you. This beach in Pipa has all in it. You can also go for a massage to sooth yourself. Also there are food outlets which sell good and yummy food. You can enjoy a beer glass on a sunny day and the lovely beach view.

Address: – Pria da Pipa state of Rio Grande does Norte Brazil

5. Lopes Mendes Beach

Lopes Mendes Beach Brazil

Lopes Mendes beach is situated in Ilha grande Brazil. It has all the beauty that one wants to see in a beach. You will find there the beautiful water, sand and green flora. If you want to swim or surf in the beach then you are allowed as this is protected. If you want to surf then hire a surf with you and enjoy the tides of Lopes Mendes. You have to hire a boat in order to reach this beach and then hiking a little. Here there are few small shops that sell beers, food and snacks but if you want to pack your tiffin then you can do so.

Address: – Ilha Grande state of Rio de Janerio Brazil

So guys have you changed your mind to go and party in a club? Just visit these beaches that are filled with natural beauty. Do a beach party and enjoy with family and friends. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thank you for reading and keep visiting for other such interesting articles.

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